Larger Truth Behind One Rank One Pension

Seek truthOROP – was working fine till 1973 when Indira Gandhi terminated it. OROP says that irrespective of date of retirement, the pension should be same in same rank. It means that whenever there is a basic salary increase in some rank in Indian military, it will obviously lead to an increased pension after retirement. OROP ensures that in this case, existing pensioners also be benefited with this.

So BJP is bringing back this OROP for our military men? No. Its their lifetime goal to oppose anything which has been done by any congress person. In this case it is Indira Gandhi.

Modi’s so called JUMLA has become a menace for him. There are so many benefits are for a military man than any govt employee in India. This one would cause extra 10000 crores burden on India.

People treat army men as persons who fight for us and put their lives on stake at border. These are guys who are mad for the country and would go any length to serve for the not for the medal but to defend our motherland from any threat.

This is the picture normally presented in front of us. In turn we feel proud and sometimes as per the convenience show gratitude as well. But have we thought that who are these guys demanding OROP again ? Most of these are the people who have taken voluntary retirement and are employed with some or other government job. These guys want salary and pension both.

Now what are the conse
quences. This extra burden of 10000 crores will cause poor Indians to suffer more. Because upper middle class and people working with multinational companies will hardly feel affected with it.

It has got nothing to do with country, army, pride and patriotism. Its all about politics and business. Therefore country, pride and patriotism are the words with no real meaning.