Information and Attention. Too much and Too less.

Information and attention can not go hand in hand. If we have a little information, we are more attentive. If we have too much information, our focus is almost lost. That is the problem which has been addressed in a recent seminar in USA. Internet has become so viable and ‘in-reach’ thing that for even a smaller mental exercise, we approach Google or smartphone.

Furthermore, today we are less productive as we are divided at so many places. We, The people are not assets anymore. We are simply resources which are used to handle other resources. We are not intelligent and our work can be measured in hours. Just like a chocolate making machine. “How much per hour” is answerable now for human effort. If you think in human perspective, we can never be sure about hours. We are continuously learning creatures. For our mental capabilities, formula can not be devised. But since we have become resources, we are bound to be measured in units.

What is lost when we have too much of information. First thing happens to us is that we stop learning and thinking. Yesterday where we needed to scratch our mind a lot, today we just have to punch a few keys in. We don’t have to memorize and recall anything. We have an app for almost everything.

Our next generation is becoming so very vulnerable. All sports have become games of statistics. There was a time when we used to have fast bowlers in cricket. They were so far away from any techniques and analysis. They were solely dependent on pace and for that matter they were at their best as their attention was focused only to be pacy. That was enough for them. People following other sports will see similar examples in their domains as well. Now a lot of mental activity is involved and we have almost lost that touch, that enjoyment. Why ? Because we have lots of information around.

We are on the verge of a change that is needed by today’s internet world. That change is to provide adequate and accurate information. Tomorrows wold is going to have lesser books and more websites. Lesser lessons and more applications. Everything has two aspects of itself. Internet has many. We have just got to focus ourselves in order to be more attentive, more productive.


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