Common Myths about Meditation

People are more inclined towards meditation in the new century than before. However majority of them still think differently about it. Here are some common myths which I have seen most of them have in their minds.

Meditation is for saints .

No. Its for everyone. Anyone aged above 4 years can do it. On the contrary to the myth, it is more beneficial to the people who are living a hectic life.

It needs a perfect peace to be done properly.

It can be done anywhere once you master it. Even in a moving train.

Mediation can be done only in morning and evening.

Anytime in 24 hours you can meditate. However morning and evening time are preferred for being more relaxed and free.

Meditation is a time bound thing.

You can meditate from 2 minutes to hours. This solely depends on how you want it. Once you are into it, you dont count minutes.

It will create miracles.

This is perhaps the most common myth which attracts people towards it.  Meditation brings you to what actually you are. Its shouldnt be surprising. Its more of a relaxation technique and the miracles described in books are at  a very high level of concentration.

It can be taught.

This is one science that no one can teach you. A guru can teach you how to sit and what to do, but that all involves conscious thinking. However meditation is more on your inner side. You yourself have to explore it. Experience of one person can differ from those of other.

You can learn it as a course.

The degree of expertise and level of understanding is different for different persons. One can not define or describe the actual feeling of meditation. It is to be experienced.  There is no start and end point for meditation and thus it can not be formed into a course.

It has to be done with sitting in a perfect posture.

The rule is that you should have a straight back. Thats it. Laying down, walking, sitting on a chair, standing are a few posture in which you can do it. You just have to be comfortable.

It only has mental effect not physical.

It will affect a lot of metabolic activities. It will directly hit your blood pressure. The first thing most of the people have encountered is physically they started feeling happy.

In short meditation is about making yourself comfortable. Knowing what comfort it. Its not an exercise. Its a day long or lifelong practice.

It will take time to be learned.

It will take life to be mastered.

And may be afterwards…..


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