Acid test for Modi, Not Kejriwal.

Fabulous work by Modi and team. I wanted to include Sonia and Rahul baba but both of them have capability issues and are not worth a second line in this post.

Some Britisher said(I dont remember name) that “if we leave india, goons will rule”. Since our freedom, our politicians have had no effort left in proving this statement true. A few will be surprised to know that Lalu and Mulayam were part of JP movement and were considered example of honesty and simplicity at that time. However they changed with time and discovered that people need something else. What the majority of mental slaves of west needs is a leader. Who can rule them. They actually don’t want power in their hand as they can’t shoulder the responsibility coming with power.

Two generations went passed like this and Indian rupee sunk from 1 to 60 per dollar. Country kept being divided into states and countrymen into cast and religions. Political parties emerged as regional and cast based ones. Shallow modernity took place of open mindedness. From character to living standard, everything went for a toss.

By this time people had started taking everything for granted and believed that nothing was going to change. They actually inherited the same from previous generations.

Then came Aravind Kejriwal and started talking like a Kid. Who thought he could change it all. By the way he is one of the most educated politicians today. IIT passed out and left IRS job. Led NGO “Parivartan” and did a lot of good social work which was never got attention of indian media but caught the eyes of magsaysay  jury and was awarded by magsaysay award later on. Executed Anna Hazare’s movement so skillfully that everyone started flowing in Anna wave. It was actually a team led by AK.

I know by now you have started looking for any other politician who could match these qualities.

He not only took everyone by surprise by winning 28 seats in 2014 Delhi elections but also kept promises. I have met people of Delhi. It was seen that police had stopped taking bribe. People had started becoming responsible. I think he is the only politician who led by examples. Really something majestic was happening in Delhi.

However this was going to be a big problem to those who had raised the empire of corruption in 65 years. It was very much required to demean the AK effect. Mental slaves were again caught in trap of paid media to create an anti AAP effect. Political parties tried every cheap tactic to deviate the attention of common man from development to something else.

This time Modi and his team has really done a fabulous job by using every medium against AK. However this time it will be interesting to see if this whole political machinery can succeed against him. It is actually a test of Modi, not AK.

A few myths about AAP are explained below:

1. Arvind Kejriwal kept promises but implementation was immature.

Well, he promised electricity rate cuts and free water for example. There could have been two outcomes. Had he not fulfilled promises, he would have been accused of false promises.(On a separate note, will true BJP guys will accuse Modi for his false promises). Now when he had fulfilled it, the said it was immature. Can you expect anything else from them. Should we expect them to clap over it ? Yes, it could have been proven immature if he had been given chance for more than 49 days.

2. He left CM’s post for becoming PM.

He left as he thought that he could serve the nation better by being in center than Delhi. However it WAS immature and he accepted it. But shouldn’t he be given margin for such errors ?

3. He is anarchist.

He want to give power in hand of poor.

4. People have started just hating AAP.

I have met 100s of them and everyone is praising it with open heart. Win or loss is separate matter but AAP has won hearts of delhi people.

It takes great character and guts to rise above society. To come out of comfort zone and challenge the corrupt system. AK is the real superhero of India.

Salute. Respect. Jai Hind.


2 thoughts on “Acid test for Modi, Not Kejriwal.

  1. Well said ,No doubt he is the honest person in current political system of India.But my personnel thought are little bit different.
    1.Anna Hazare’s movement success :- Most of Indian are frustrated from CONGRESS,LALU,MULAYAM and other leader. Same time BJP and other business man want power in center so they support this movement for their personnel benefit ,Lot of RSS worker(swayamsevak) and BJP guys support this movement to just take advantage of situation paid media also support this movement …that why each and every Indian support this movement because they want good governance and honest system…so this is the story of this movement

    2.IN case of AK ..people feel AK will give good governance and honest system..(same thing they feel in MP’s election when they cast their vote Modi SARKAR

    This is the good thing now common man is aware about politics and they want change… so they cast their vote for change …either for MODI in MP’s election or either for AK’s in Delhi .

    Things will never change in any country by any party until unless we change in ourselves.. so guys please cast for good candidate no matter he is from BJP,Congress or From AAP or indepenent candidate..moreover all the parties does not have any moral value …same person who are bad when he is with X party once they change their party form X to Y … they become good or honest…HOW .. and what is their criteria for BAD(still not understand )
    example :-
    Satpal Maharaj
    Rao Inderjeet in haryana
    Sajiya in delhi (supposed to be join BJP soon )

    so guys please vote for good candidate….

  2. Truly Said Manish ! Its our bad luck that we(Common for All) can be so easily mind washed by politicians and its going on from decades. I personally want to ask to them who are criticizing AAP when BJP says “we are unable to fulfill our promise because Congress have been looted country very badly and we are facing economic crisis in government fund and we need a long period to correct this situation.” the same situation was with AAP also in Delhi, Then how they can fulfill their promise. Every BJP supporter says “Modi G is working for future”, I never understand when this future will be present may be in our next generation 🙂

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