PrabhuDeva – The Fame of a dancer to the shame of a director

Prabhudeva is a well known dancer. He is respected everywhere for his talent and more than that for his etiquette and conduct. However looking at his recent films(as director) I became a little disappointed.

Till now he has directed around 12 films but my attention is towards 5 Hindi films he has directed. These are

  • Wanted
  • Rowdy Rathore
  • Ramaiya Vastavaiya
  • R… Rajkumar
  • Action Jackson.

I have not seen Action Jackson yet. I could not dare to. 

With so much expectations built for himself during past 20 years, he fails miserably in satisfying true audience who go to the cinema for watching a good movie. Watching his other four movies makes you feel like he has done some crash course of film making and has come up with pre defined set of steps and a single story to be told.

By following same/similar storylines and plots, it looks like he wants to say that “winner dont do different things, they do things differently.” Or rather I should say “… they do same things again and again in different ways”. What’s common in his films is :

1. There is always a single hero. Indian mix of 007,Superman, batman, spiderman and other superheros with betterment. As you can see rest of them can not dance with pelvic thrusts like our desi  does.

2. One single hero is enough for army of both police and goons. He can smash tens of them to death without taking even a single punch on his face. Incredible, isn’t he?

3. Woman is there to dance and look wretched. Nothing else. For that matter if not Ayesha Takia to continue then Sonakshi Sinha perfectly fits the bill. Although she is more fit to be a hero but by God’s grace she has a female body.

4. Dance moves are very very complex. Censor board must be thinking of putting a “Do-not-try-at-home” line whenever someone is dancing in films. The dancers do more gymnastic than dance. Kudos to the reality shows where he promotes his films, this now has gone deep into the society as well.

5. Woman is an object. Nothing else. She is to be raped, dance with, rescued and to look good. Period.

6. There are always tag-lines, punchlines for heroes where he looks like challenging Anu Malik if he can be more pathetic than that.

So in short there is no story and no creativity. Still the films are making 100 crores. I dont understand. Perhaps I am not capable of understanding the crap produced through such films.

Sometimes back this kind of films used to be called ‘Formula Films’. However since we have discovered the 12th planet, the 100 crore club, we have learnt to make ousrselves happy after experiencing such wastage of time and money.

Don’t be surprised if tomorrow someone asks “who Satyajit Ray; Who Basu Chatterjee”


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