Do we really need English Everywhere ?

I speak English and I chose this language to write this blog. This clearly shows that I don’t dislike this language.

Point here is not to debate of “Speaking English or not”. Point here is that showing hatred towards one language doesn’t show your affection towards your mother tongue. How many of English haters have seriously tried to learn and speak good Hindi ? Effectively none.

False satisfaction (of loving our mother tongue) comes when we say that “I hate English (And that’s why I should be thought of a lover of Hindi). Most of such speakers are the persons who can’t make much from any language. Be it Hindi or English or any other. The inability of speaking good English makes them hate it. Its an obvious reaction so I am not surprised. I am writing these words not because I feel I am a good speaker or writer of English language but, I feel that I love reading and writing in any language which I am able to understand and express myself in. So I am not against English. I am not against people speaking English language.

Now I come to the point. We are living in a country which world thinks of having people with strong relationship values, respects for elders and love for kids. OK, so we love our kids. We send them to school and try our level best to bring them up to their best levels.

Lets see how we do it.

Generally, a child starts speaking a language at the age 2 and starts study at the age of 4. That means there are 2 years in between where the child only speaks one language. That language is his medium of communication with the world. That language provides security of being understood by others.

That language is either Hindi or any regional language. But surely,

It is not English.

Now when the child starts going to school, the problem starts. He is taught to speak and write English. But that is not the problem. The problem is that he is also taught not to speak Hindi. He is taught that speaking Hindi is a “Down Market” thing. Which mean that we are telling him that “Look !! You’ve been doing down market thing for two years. Now start all over again. Learn this up market language and repair the damage”. Feeling that someone is snatching his security, child rushes to the parents.

Only to find that they are also believe in what his teachers say.

Now the option left for him is not only learning this language but also at the same time going away from the mother tongue. Gradually, as the time passes by, the child starts taking pride in speaking English. It becomes more valuable when he is amongst some Hindi speaking people.

Two young girls in Delhi were asking a poor(poor means Hindi speaking) auto rickshaw driver “How much ?”. And giving each other smiles about the poor person’s inability of understanding English. This is example of people who are in majority today. Who think that they know the prestigious English language. Who think that they have the right to discard their mother tongue. These are the people who hate Indian movies because of being Hindi movies and they love Hollywood because it makes English Movies. They love English writers and proudly ask “Who Premchand ?”  (Though they know who is Premchand but it will be so down market if they accept it in front of others).

But wait. No matter how much they try, they can’t stop speaking Hindi. No matter how much they try, they can’t speak English like a Britisher. That causes frustration. They may join an accent development class to speak like an Englishman, but still, somewhere, in back of their mind they know that they are Indian. They know that It’s Hindi which is their mother tongue.

I see Rafael Nadal speaking in his mother tongue after winning a grand slam. I see Russian president giving speech in his own language. Most of the countries are using their own language. And they speak English too. In short, their is so much to learn from the people of world. Blindly following a language will never make anyone like someone else.

We (the Indians) respect every language. And our mother tongue, our national language is a very powerful language.. For that matter, let us think.

Let us think.


6 thoughts on “Do we really need English Everywhere ?

  1. Sreejith PP says:

    Not all people are the fancy snobs who you are referring to here. Some people may have their mother tongues very different from hindi, as seen in the south indian languages. For them English may have had more influence than hindi as seen in kerala.(300 years of foreign rule). To them hindi may seem like a foreign language and so they would prefer to speak in english to people of a different language, not because they consider themselves “Elite” but because of lack of knowledge of hindi. Also, What National Language? India doesnt have one. Just because a majority of people in india speak it, doesnt give it the title. Nadal speaks in his language because he prefers it. The russian president speaks in russian because its their country’s national language. India doesnt have one. So let people speak in whatever language they wish to. English could as well be a connecting language for india, need not be the national language. Why this hate against english? 😐

    • Thanks Siddharth. You have made some valid arguments and I agree with those .
      I don’t hate English and that is what I emphasized in first two paragraphs. Second, I have not said that we should not use English “at all”.
      The point I want to make with this article is why we should respect our mother tongue(or rather, why we should not be ashamed of speaking it.). Mother tongue here is what our common communication language. It’s not necessary to be Hindi. It may be English too.
      Last, Hindi is our national language. I speak Rajasthani as my mother tongue but at the same place I have good knowledge of Hindi. Being an Indian. Hindi will never be/be like a foreign language to me.

      • Sreejith PP says:

        How exactly is hindi our national language? The Indian Constitution doesnt define one.
        It is just that many people THINK that hindi is our national language, while actually it is only one of the official languages. Read:

        There are many people in south india who do not know hindi or consider it india’s national language. How can we say that their national language is one which is decided by north india? To them hindi is a language which they had much contact with only after india got independance. When they officially became a part of the country of india. How did the national language suddenly become hindi? Isnt it Linguistic Imperialism towards them?
        In this article, is a paragraph which states:

        Another example of linguistic imperialism was seen in post-independence India. That country’s authorities initially sought to make Hindi the sole “national language”, but due to protests from southern states (where Dravidian languages such as Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Tulu are spoken) and West Bengal (where Bengali is spoken), the “national-language” policy did not succeed.
        Plus My name is Sreejith not Siddharth. 🙂

  2. Sreejith PP says:

    Well, your right there. But that was a constitutional statement in 1950. It was amended in 1965 to include english. Therefore it states that hindi is the official language along with english. It means that hindi and english are to be used for any official work. Also it states: “Neither the Constitution of India nor Indian law specifies a national language, a position supported by a High Court ruling.”

  3. It’s not a language war guys. We speak all languages. Its is not Hindi Vs English. So lets all agree that anybody can speak any language he wants to and there is nothing wrong in “Not Speaking Hindi”.

    Lets end this argument here. Lets not deviate from article’s actual message.

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