Eighty Percent Perfect

Just to see how much we are investing for that extra twenty percent in life. We can really ad a punch to our life by going less perfect. It will do two things. One it will free you up and second It will bring quality to the life.

Last weekend I was in a conference. In one of the heated discussions, someone said that he will be satisfied with eighty percent skilled person most of the time than to try and find a hundred percent skilled person for his team. It is not that he would not like a hundred percent perfect person. He just wanted to present a valid argument on how the extra twenty percent would require much more effort than the results it would bring.

This is all effort vs value. Everyone imagines or sometime is passionate about the perfect picture. However this must be seen that how it is going to affect the quality of their lives. To illustrate this in a more meaningful manner, I have taken two examples from daily life to see how much better it would have been, had the things were less perfect.

Story of a 12th grader 

A teenager besides my house is busy most of the time with his studies. He has a goal in life which largely depends on the marks obtained in 12th grade. I have always been supporter of the view that a goal should bring quality to the life. Here this boy invests almost 12 hour a day in studying. He has no proper rest or exercise plan in his routine life. So before he reaches the goal, his life’s quality is already poor.

In past one year he missed 3 marriages, 1 school trip, around 2 family functions and a lots of social events where he could participate. His grandmother died in the village and he could not go because he thought it would impact his studies. Overall he is in process of being hundred percent perfect. Surprisingly, when I asked him that if he would be able to achieve his goal even if he aims for less marks in exam, the answer was “YES”. Its the mental cage through which we are never able to get out and miss the most in life to regret later.

The guitar learner

Sameer decided to learn guitar a few months back. Since then he has been living an imbalanced life. After office, he goes for guitar classes and then come back home late. He has to sometime skip the breakfast if classes are in morning. He also has to practice at home for his guitar lessons.

So wait a minute, whats the fuss ? Lots of people learn guitar. Everyone has a hobby.

Right ?

But here the condition is different. Sameer is longing for a learning speed perfection. He can do the same lessons on weekends as well. But he wants to be quick at it. This is where the imbalance is occurring from. To pick more of something, one has to drop something else. Here that ‘something else’ is the breakfast, family time and mental peace. The hobby, instead of adding value to his life, is bringing misery.

A few more such examples you see where if we could settle for a little lesser, the life could have been something else.

  1. Buying things on EMI.
  2. Skipping the meals for meetings.
  3. Sleeping late and getting up late. Think that one extra hour in morning could bring you health, joy and a well planned day.
  4. Trying to win the social competition. Big brands, less value. He has got bigger car, I should also buy one even if I dont need.
  5.  Taking shortcuts. Not looking at long term loss on short term gain.

We may get hundred percent perfect on something, however the most important thing to see here is that how much do we invest from our life for that. If the investment is more than the output, its never a profit. So even if you are hundred percent perfect, if you are not at profit, you will not have a quality life. Focus should be the quality of the life, not the perfection of the outcome.





Larger Truth Behind One Rank One Pension

Seek truthOROP – was working fine till 1973 when Indira Gandhi terminated it. OROP says that irrespective of date of retirement, the pension should be same in same rank. It means that whenever there is a basic salary increase in some rank in Indian military, it will obviously lead to an increased pension after retirement. OROP ensures that in this case, existing pensioners also be benefited with this.

So BJP is bringing back this OROP for our military men? No. Its their lifetime goal to oppose anything which has been done by any congress person. In this case it is Indira Gandhi.

Modi’s so called JUMLA has become a menace for him. There are so many benefits are for a military man than any govt employee in India. This one would cause extra 10000 crores burden on India.

People treat army men as persons who fight for us and put their lives on stake at border. These are guys who are mad for the country and would go any length to serve for the not for the medal but to defend our motherland from any threat.

This is the picture normally presented in front of us. In turn we feel proud and sometimes as per the convenience show gratitude as well. But have we thought that who are these guys demanding OROP again ? Most of these are the people who have taken voluntary retirement and are employed with some or other government job. These guys want salary and pension both.

Now what are the conse
quences. This extra burden of 10000 crores will cause poor Indians to suffer more. Because upper middle class and people working with multinational companies will hardly feel affected with it.

It has got nothing to do with country, army, pride and patriotism. Its all about politics and business. Therefore country, pride and patriotism are the words with no real meaning.

Information and Attention. Too much and Too less.

Information and attention can not go hand in hand. If we have a little information, we are more attentive. If we have too much information, our focus is almost lost. That is the problem which has been addressed in a recent seminar in USA. Internet has become so viable and ‘in-reach’ thing that for even a smaller mental exercise, we approach Google or smartphone.

Furthermore, today we are less productive as we are divided at so many places. We, The people are not assets anymore. We are simply resources which are used to handle other resources. We are not intelligent and our work can be measured in hours. Just like a chocolate making machine. “How much per hour” is answerable now for human effort. If you think in human perspective, we can never be sure about hours. We are continuously learning creatures. For our mental capabilities, formula can not be devised. But since we have become resources, we are bound to be measured in units.

What is lost when we have too much of information. First thing happens to us is that we stop learning and thinking. Yesterday where we needed to scratch our mind a lot, today we just have to punch a few keys in. We don’t have to memorize and recall anything. We have an app for almost everything.

Our next generation is becoming so very vulnerable. All sports have become games of statistics. There was a time when we used to have fast bowlers in cricket. They were so far away from any techniques and analysis. They were solely dependent on pace and for that matter they were at their best as their attention was focused only to be pacy. That was enough for them. People following other sports will see similar examples in their domains as well. Now a lot of mental activity is involved and we have almost lost that touch, that enjoyment. Why ? Because we have lots of information around.

We are on the verge of a change that is needed by today’s internet world. That change is to provide adequate and accurate information. Tomorrows wold is going to have lesser books and more websites. Lesser lessons and more applications. Everything has two aspects of itself. Internet has many. We have just got to focus ourselves in order to be more attentive, more productive.

Common Myths about Meditation

People are more inclined towards meditation in the new century than before. However majority of them still think differently about it. Here are some common myths which I have seen most of them have in their minds.

Meditation is for saints .

No. Its for everyone. Anyone aged above 4 years can do it. On the contrary to the myth, it is more beneficial to the people who are living a hectic life.

It needs a perfect peace to be done properly.

It can be done anywhere once you master it. Even in a moving train.

Mediation can be done only in morning and evening.

Anytime in 24 hours you can meditate. However morning and evening time are preferred for being more relaxed and free.

Meditation is a time bound thing.

You can meditate from 2 minutes to hours. This solely depends on how you want it. Once you are into it, you dont count minutes.

It will create miracles.

This is perhaps the most common myth which attracts people towards it.  Meditation brings you to what actually you are. Its shouldnt be surprising. Its more of a relaxation technique and the miracles described in books are at  a very high level of concentration.

It can be taught.

This is one science that no one can teach you. A guru can teach you how to sit and what to do, but that all involves conscious thinking. However meditation is more on your inner side. You yourself have to explore it. Experience of one person can differ from those of other.

You can learn it as a course.

The degree of expertise and level of understanding is different for different persons. One can not define or describe the actual feeling of meditation. It is to be experienced.  There is no start and end point for meditation and thus it can not be formed into a course.

It has to be done with sitting in a perfect posture.

The rule is that you should have a straight back. Thats it. Laying down, walking, sitting on a chair, standing are a few posture in which you can do it. You just have to be comfortable.

It only has mental effect not physical.

It will affect a lot of metabolic activities. It will directly hit your blood pressure. The first thing most of the people have encountered is physically they started feeling happy.

In short meditation is about making yourself comfortable. Knowing what comfort it. Its not an exercise. Its a day long or lifelong practice.

It will take time to be learned.

It will take life to be mastered.

And may be afterwards…..

Acid test for Modi, Not Kejriwal.

Fabulous work by Modi and team. I wanted to include Sonia and Rahul baba but both of them have capability issues and are not worth a second line in this post.

Some Britisher said(I dont remember name) that “if we leave india, goons will rule”. Since our freedom, our politicians have had no effort left in proving this statement true. A few will be surprised to know that Lalu and Mulayam were part of JP movement and were considered example of honesty and simplicity at that time. However they changed with time and discovered that people need something else. What the majority of mental slaves of west needs is a leader. Who can rule them. They actually don’t want power in their hand as they can’t shoulder the responsibility coming with power.

Two generations went passed like this and Indian rupee sunk from 1 to 60 per dollar. Country kept being divided into states and countrymen into cast and religions. Political parties emerged as regional and cast based ones. Shallow modernity took place of open mindedness. From character to living standard, everything went for a toss.

By this time people had started taking everything for granted and believed that nothing was going to change. They actually inherited the same from previous generations.

Then came Aravind Kejriwal and started talking like a Kid. Who thought he could change it all. By the way he is one of the most educated politicians today. IIT passed out and left IRS job. Led NGO “Parivartan” and did a lot of good social work which was never got attention of indian media but caught the eyes of magsaysay  jury and was awarded by magsaysay award later on. Executed Anna Hazare’s movement so skillfully that everyone started flowing in Anna wave. It was actually a team led by AK.

I know by now you have started looking for any other politician who could match these qualities.

He not only took everyone by surprise by winning 28 seats in 2014 Delhi elections but also kept promises. I have met people of Delhi. It was seen that police had stopped taking bribe. People had started becoming responsible. I think he is the only politician who led by examples. Really something majestic was happening in Delhi.

However this was going to be a big problem to those who had raised the empire of corruption in 65 years. It was very much required to demean the AK effect. Mental slaves were again caught in trap of paid media to create an anti AAP effect. Political parties tried every cheap tactic to deviate the attention of common man from development to something else.

This time Modi and his team has really done a fabulous job by using every medium against AK. However this time it will be interesting to see if this whole political machinery can succeed against him. It is actually a test of Modi, not AK.

A few myths about AAP are explained below:

1. Arvind Kejriwal kept promises but implementation was immature.

Well, he promised electricity rate cuts and free water for example. There could have been two outcomes. Had he not fulfilled promises, he would have been accused of false promises.(On a separate note, will true BJP guys will accuse Modi for his false promises). Now when he had fulfilled it, the said it was immature. Can you expect anything else from them. Should we expect them to clap over it ? Yes, it could have been proven immature if he had been given chance for more than 49 days.

2. He left CM’s post for becoming PM.

He left as he thought that he could serve the nation better by being in center than Delhi. However it WAS immature and he accepted it. But shouldn’t he be given margin for such errors ?

3. He is anarchist.

He want to give power in hand of poor.

4. People have started just hating AAP.

I have met 100s of them and everyone is praising it with open heart. Win or loss is separate matter but AAP has won hearts of delhi people.

It takes great character and guts to rise above society. To come out of comfort zone and challenge the corrupt system. AK is the real superhero of India.

Salute. Respect. Jai Hind.

PrabhuDeva – The Fame of a dancer to the shame of a director

Prabhudeva is a well known dancer. He is respected everywhere for his talent and more than that for his etiquette and conduct. However looking at his recent films(as director) I became a little disappointed.

Till now he has directed around 12 films but my attention is towards 5 Hindi films he has directed. These are

  • Wanted
  • Rowdy Rathore
  • Ramaiya Vastavaiya
  • R… Rajkumar
  • Action Jackson.

I have not seen Action Jackson yet. I could not dare to. 

With so much expectations built for himself during past 20 years, he fails miserably in satisfying true audience who go to the cinema for watching a good movie. Watching his other four movies makes you feel like he has done some crash course of film making and has come up with pre defined set of steps and a single story to be told.

By following same/similar storylines and plots, it looks like he wants to say that “winner dont do different things, they do things differently.” Or rather I should say “… they do same things again and again in different ways”. What’s common in his films is :

1. There is always a single hero. Indian mix of 007,Superman, batman, spiderman and other superheros with betterment. As you can see rest of them can not dance with pelvic thrusts like our desi  does.

2. One single hero is enough for army of both police and goons. He can smash tens of them to death without taking even a single punch on his face. Incredible, isn’t he?

3. Woman is there to dance and look wretched. Nothing else. For that matter if not Ayesha Takia to continue then Sonakshi Sinha perfectly fits the bill. Although she is more fit to be a hero but by God’s grace she has a female body.

4. Dance moves are very very complex. Censor board must be thinking of putting a “Do-not-try-at-home” line whenever someone is dancing in films. The dancers do more gymnastic than dance. Kudos to the reality shows where he promotes his films, this now has gone deep into the society as well.

5. Woman is an object. Nothing else. She is to be raped, dance with, rescued and to look good. Period.

6. There are always tag-lines, punchlines for heroes where he looks like challenging Anu Malik if he can be more pathetic than that.

So in short there is no story and no creativity. Still the films are making 100 crores. I dont understand. Perhaps I am not capable of understanding the crap produced through such films.

Sometimes back this kind of films used to be called ‘Formula Films’. However since we have discovered the 12th planet, the 100 crore club, we have learnt to make ousrselves happy after experiencing such wastage of time and money.

Don’t be surprised if tomorrow someone asks “who Satyajit Ray; Who Basu Chatterjee”

Do we really need English Everywhere ?

I speak English and I chose this language to write this blog. This clearly shows that I don’t dislike this language.

Point here is not to debate of “Speaking English or not”. Point here is that showing hatred towards one language doesn’t show your affection towards your mother tongue. How many of English haters have seriously tried to learn and speak good Hindi ? Effectively none.

False satisfaction (of loving our mother tongue) comes when we say that “I hate English (And that’s why I should be thought of a lover of Hindi). Most of such speakers are the persons who can’t make much from any language. Be it Hindi or English or any other. The inability of speaking good English makes them hate it. Its an obvious reaction so I am not surprised. I am writing these words not because I feel I am a good speaker or writer of English language but, I feel that I love reading and writing in any language which I am able to understand and express myself in. So I am not against English. I am not against people speaking English language.

Now I come to the point. We are living in a country which world thinks of having people with strong relationship values, respects for elders and love for kids. OK, so we love our kids. We send them to school and try our level best to bring them up to their best levels.

Lets see how we do it.

Generally, a child starts speaking a language at the age 2 and starts study at the age of 4. That means there are 2 years in between where the child only speaks one language. That language is his medium of communication with the world. That language provides security of being understood by others.

That language is either Hindi or any regional language. But surely,

It is not English.

Now when the child starts going to school, the problem starts. He is taught to speak and write English. But that is not the problem. The problem is that he is also taught not to speak Hindi. He is taught that speaking Hindi is a “Down Market” thing. Which mean that we are telling him that “Look !! You’ve been doing down market thing for two years. Now start all over again. Learn this up market language and repair the damage”. Feeling that someone is snatching his security, child rushes to the parents.

Only to find that they are also believe in what his teachers say.

Now the option left for him is not only learning this language but also at the same time going away from the mother tongue. Gradually, as the time passes by, the child starts taking pride in speaking English. It becomes more valuable when he is amongst some Hindi speaking people.

Two young girls in Delhi were asking a poor(poor means Hindi speaking) auto rickshaw driver “How much ?”. And giving each other smiles about the poor person’s inability of understanding English. This is example of people who are in majority today. Who think that they know the prestigious English language. Who think that they have the right to discard their mother tongue. These are the people who hate Indian movies because of being Hindi movies and they love Hollywood because it makes English Movies. They love English writers and proudly ask “Who Premchand ?”  (Though they know who is Premchand but it will be so down market if they accept it in front of others).

But wait. No matter how much they try, they can’t stop speaking Hindi. No matter how much they try, they can’t speak English like a Britisher. That causes frustration. They may join an accent development class to speak like an Englishman, but still, somewhere, in back of their mind they know that they are Indian. They know that It’s Hindi which is their mother tongue.

I see Rafael Nadal speaking in his mother tongue after winning a grand slam. I see Russian president giving speech in his own language. Most of the countries are using their own language. And they speak English too. In short, their is so much to learn from the people of world. Blindly following a language will never make anyone like someone else.

We (the Indians) respect every language. And our mother tongue, our national language is a very powerful language.. For that matter, let us think.

Let us think.